Why We Use TrainingPeaks


At Uphill Athlete we rely heavily on a platform called TrainingPeaks. Originally developed by and for professional cyclists and their coaches who were faxing workouts and results between Europe and the US. Today TrainingPeaks provides complete web, mobile and desktop solutions for enabling smart and effective endurance training. They have been instrumental in introducing scientific tools and methods that have become the industry standard, TrainingPeaks has revolutionized the way that coaches and athletes track, analyze and plan endurance training.

At Uphill Athlete we do all of our coaching on the TrainingPeaks Platform. We also design, build, update, and sell all of our training plans via the TrianingPeaks platform. Here’s why:

  • It’s free. While we do recommend that you upgrade to a Premium TrainingPeaks account for about $10/month ($119/year) to enable you to access the full suite of metrics and analyses they offer, the free Basic version of TrainingPeaks is still an effective tool.
  • It’s powerful. Training Peaks provides powerful metrics such as PMC, TSS, CTL. TrainingPeaks has developed a number of very powerful tools for analyzing endurance training. The Performance Management Chart (PMC) creates a good proxy for your fitness. It does this by assigning a Training Stress Score (TSS) to each workout and weighting each of the last 42 days’ TSS. Other metrics, such as Chronic Training Load (CTL) and Acute Training Load (ATL) are also derived from TSS. With these tools you can not only ramp your training at the correct rate (3-5 CTL points per week), but you can also use it to predict when you are fit enough to attempt a given objective.
  • Recording. It is important for you to record your workouts. Training without planning and recording ceases to be effective. Furthermore, the record you create during each training cycle will become crucial to informing effective training in the future.
  • Auto-Updates. When we edit an existing training plan, every copy of that plan ever purchased gets updated. This is a great thing for you as a consumer. Many people want to cycle their plans each year as a new season unfolds. And with TrainingPeaks delivering your training plan, as we refine each plan you are automatically served each update no matter how big or small.
  • Synch. Endurance workouts synch easily via any number of devices, making recording easy. Check the TP website to see if your device is compatible.  We encourage you to take the time to synch your GPS/Heart Rate device with TrainingPeaks. Set your device to upload your completed workout automatically via the device-company’s app and your workouts will be uploaded, recorded, and analyzed automatically.
  • Protection.  Delivering Training Plans through TrainingPeaks does offer significant protection of our intellectual property. It makes it difficult (though not impossible) to copy/paste our training plans and re-post them online for others to use at no cost.
  • Forever. Each training plan you purchase is yours forever. While you must access our training plans through the TrainingPeaks platform, each plan you purchase is yours forever. You can apply, and re-apply your plan as many times as you like. Review how to apply and un-apply a training plan here.
  • Disclosure. We are customers of TrainingPeaks, not compensated ambassadors. We pay TrainingPeaks a publishing fee for every Training Plan sold and delivered on their platform and a subscription fee for our coaching use.


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