Yvonne Y on Coach Scott Johnston

All the months I was training at Aerobic Threshold, I was silently cursing you under my breath…ha ha…but you know what?  All of that hard work paid off.  You told me it takes time and patience, and it’s so true.  For the second MET, my body fat went from 30% to 23.9% and I lost 9 lbs. The best part is that my AeT increased from 137 bpm to 152! WOW.  I’m impressed.
All other numbers for Lactate and Oxygen consumption, peak fat utilization etc. improved by a good margin. I am faster racing up a steep hill that I practice on by at least 15 minutes and also faster at AeT. In general, I am a much faster hiker by a long shot. I surprised myself the other day when I flew past people up a 35-40 degree hill.  And, at hard effort, I am comfortable at a higher heart rate.
I am proof that the the AeT training does work. Just wanted to give you feedback on this because I am stoked about my MET results!!  You were right Scott. I am truly an uphill athlete!!

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