Michael from Korea


8-week Custom Training Plans with Sam

When I first talked to Sam about designing a custom training plan, I had a goal (run my first 56 km ultra) and lots of motivation, but no idea how to prepare. I was reasonably fit, but definitely not “trained,” and certainly not an experienced runner. Through two custom cycles, Sam showed me not only how to steadily increase my capacity for high mileage, but also how to develop the underlying strength and mobility to do so safely. He accommodated my schedule, helped me mix in occasional ARC workouts to maintain my climbing skills, and responded promptly and thoroughly whenever I had any questions. On the day of the race (the first race I’ve ever run, ultra or otherwise), my only goal was to finish, but I ended up placing in the top 20 in a field of nearly 400 men! Sam’s guidance was absolutely invaluable throughout the process. Now, as I enjoy a recovery week, I find myself constantly thinking about what goals to set for my next training plan, and the next one, and the one after that…


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