Matt on Coach Sam Naney



Honestly, I can’t write this email without getting a little choked up.

You cannot imagine how I feel today. I may be getting in the best shape of my life. My “fitted” clothes I had tailored to me 30 days ago are baggy. I am on the last notch of a belt I bought a month ago. I did this morning’s workout on the stair-mill, jumped on the treadmill and crushed 30 minutes of running like it was nothing. I felt like I could have run for hours. I can’t say that I could have done this a month ago, a year ago or ten years ago. I thought I was in good shape last March when I was leaving for Everest. Now I KNOW I am in good shape – and I will continue to get in better shape.

I cannot thank you enough for being my coach. Let’s keep this train rolling.


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