M.S. on Training for the Uphill Athlete book


I’m writing this email to offer a belated thank you to you and Scott for your tremendous talk in Denver a couple weeks ago, and for writing Training for the Uphill Athlete in the first place….

The book is simply fantastic. Our rowing coaches in college were fanatical about the importance of building an aerobic base, so we would spend the entire fall and most of the winter doing endless steady-state sessions…before we finally started cranking up the intensity with interval sessions as the spring racing season approached. I always accepted that approach as standard practice, but I never fully understood the reasons for it until I read your book. I wish my high-school AP Bio textbook had explained ATP and the Krebs cycle as clearly and forthrightly as you guys did!

Reading the book left me feeling so inspired to give my workouts some direction and purpose that I just registered for a 50K trail race in Colorado Springs in early October…I’m using the book to put together a training plan for the next 18 weeks leading up to the race. It’s exciting to be putting together my own plan…I’ve already filled my copy of Training for the Uphill Athlete with annotations and dog-eared pages, and I know it’s going to end up being one of those books that I wear out by returning to it again and again in the months and years to come.


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