Llyod D


Hey Steve I just wanted to say thank you for writing your and Scott Johnston’s book Training for the New Alpinism.
I’m a mountain runner and this book was the very first resource I used when trying to innovate my training at 18 years old.

An example, when I was 17 I timed myself on the Mont Blanc vertical kilometer in 57 minutes. I’m 21 now and came 3rd in the race this year in 38 minutes. I can improve on this far more too. I see the importance of aerobic development!

I’m not acting like a big-shot or anything and I hope this message ages well and at some point when I peak in my late twenties, where I should be training over 1,000h per year (currently 880-900h) – for a number of years – my results should improve further!

Thanks for all the info. All articles on Uphill Athlete are great. Looking forward to the next book!


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