Jon C on Coach Sam Naney


I gave Sam a challenge. I wanted to finish a 45 mile race with 10,000ft of gain and not be wrecked. I had 9 months to prepare. I’d never run a race longer than a half-marathon (10 years ago). I’m 45, physiologically not built as an endurance athlete, never considered myself a “runner”, and never really followed a long-term training plan. I wanted to continue ice climbing and skiing during the winter, rock climbing during the summer, have a family, full-time job, and travel often enough to disrupt training. My early “long” runs were barely an hour and less than 5 miles. Sam did what I never could, he balanced all my competing demands. He made committing to his program easy. He listened to concerns, adjusted to accommodate changes in my life, answered questions with reasoned responses, and checked on me often. I couldn’t slack off or he’d know. The training was hard but it clearly delivered results. I finished the race just under 12 hours, solidly in the top half, and still had gas in the tank. Thanks Sam! Now on to 50 miles.


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