Dirk A.


I have read your book and I find it very good!

The first what I have done is writing a training log book and I must say it is a very good to find out which training was good or bad of intensity. In the past I was often overtrained and when a day was bad I trained the same intensity and I fall in a big hole. Now I hear more of my body.

I have changed my training and build a new training schedule. The idea with the box is very good for me because our hills are not so high (400m).

I train 6 days a week, climbing gym, sport rock climbing (Süd-Pfalz, routes of alpine style), dry tooling (own wall), riding mountain bike and box steps (mountain boots with back pack).

My dream is to climb the 3 big north faces in the alps!

Now I hope, that I am more on the right way of training….


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