Aimee F on Coach Sam Naney


I’ve been super stoked to work with Sam and Uphill Athlete! When I decided to do The Rut 50k, I knew I wanted to work with someone who was familiar with overtraining and could help me avoid it. Several years ago I experienced the mental and physical effects of overtraining, and I really appreciate Uphill Athletes emphasis on keeping their athletes strong and healthy. I know I can push myself hard enough — I need someone to help me back off.

At first Aerobic Threshold training was humbling; it was amazing how slow I had to go uphill to keep my heart rate low enough! It didn’t take long before I started to see the efforts of my training paying off. Coming in to The Rut, I felt solid and ready for a long run in the mountains. I started conservatively at the beginning of the race, and felt strong after the first big climb. Heading up Lone Peak, 2000 ft of climbing at mile 18, my legs still felt pretty fresh and strong and I was able to run down Lone Peak as well. I finished strong and had a lot of fun. Pretty good for my first 50k — I’ll be back for more!


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