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    It`s more as a getting too used to the same intensity from long 6-12hour z1 workouts. During late base and early specific I’m doing some longer z3 work and usually feel very strong after some recovery.

    However the 30 000ft single push ski traverse i was training for last, went fine, and i felt strong during and after

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    Maybe the feeling would be better described as “unresponsive” rather than dead and heavy.

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    Thanks for a great replay! Almost as having a personal coach, which I’m by the way considering.. Sorry for spamming, but i can’t resist after all the questions I’ve had since reading TFTNA.

    Allright. So I have the race (which is a competition between me, myself and I) 12000 vertical meters and 130k in full on terrain on the 10-20th may. Would it then be wise to do a super week end of march? And could this be something to do late fall as well, after a summer(4-5months), (after a 3-4 week active rest periode.) of progressively building base up towards 20 hours. Then do a massive training camp in October ish. and then again in mid. January maybe? I´m in guide training, and have a lot of time in-between gatherings to train and focus on recovery.

    I also train for Patagonia and AK. Any ways to modulate it more towards that? I have access to full on alpine terrain with 1200 meter north faces and everything in-between.

    Lets say this is the plan for after the “race” in may:

    JUNE, active recovery and muscular adaptation and flexibility.

    JULY AND AUG.. Max strenght, 75% zone 1, 5% zone 2 and one interval 2×20/30/40 min zone mid 3 and one continuous starting at 45min and up to 1.5.

    SEPT and OCT. 80% zone 1 One session of ME-work in alpine terrain 500meters and up to 1500, (increasing duration first, then weight?) 30min ever and one 2×20/30/40 min zone mid 3. + one 10 day super “week” with full recovery afterwards.

    Then pretty much repeat until end of january, when i have a new super week. Also have more focus on speed as i want to do some shorter races next season. Up to 3000meters. Beginning in march, but want to be in top shape around april.

    Thanks again. Feel like i can’t thank you enough for this incredible resource!

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    #skiuphill on · in reply to: Skimo muscular endurance- specificty #3829

    Thanks for the response Luke!

    I´ve been debating this my self regarding the zone 3 work, what I’ve come to is that I’m looking at december and January still as base months, where I’m still building aerobic base and dont want to be tripping to hard on the acid. And then I’m starting introducing one zone 4 session a week in february, and then two in march and april still including long days until two weeks before the race before exchanging them for three to five zone 5 workouts the 3 weeks before race/adventure skiing.

    Reason i`m focusing on this now in dec and january, is from a analyze I read of what XC-racers do during summer/fall in Norway. Does it make sense, or do you still think i should do one zone 4+ and one longer continuous zone 3-4 now. Given that my performance month will be 4.5 month into the future?

    Follow up question. Should an ME workout be regarded as a high intensity WO and done in stead of or in addition to the more intense speed workouts? And would probably need to add water jugs on top of heavier equipment? As you point out, its probably not enough on its own..


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