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    valerie_ie on · in reply to: Strengthen joints for running #25094

    One of the major contributors to lower limb injuries are biomechanical imbalances further up the kinetic chain – usually the gluteal and hamstring muscle groups.
    Weak glut medius will result in the knees “falling in” while running which puts extra stress on the IT Band and the patellofemoral joint. Also if the glutes and hamstrings aren’t firing when you’re running, the small muscles in the lower leg are overloaded instead – leading to shin pain and calf tightness.
    The box step ups and heel touches will really help with these but key is to make sure your knees tract directly in line with your feet. You could also add some other glute strengthening exercises/activation exercises such as glut bridges, clam shells, crab walks with a resistance band.

    valerie_ie on · in reply to: hrTSS for very long workouts #24933

    I know this topic is quite old but I’m new to the UA stuff and reading most of the website and the book to get a handle on things.
    My question is, if you don’t unskew the hrTSS, the next day the fatigue levels shoot through the roof and my TP app advises me to take a rest day until fatigue is back under 25! Do you just ignore the fatigue levels if you’re feeling rested?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)