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    tomasaiduk on · in reply to: Fat Adaptation Literature? #10262

    Considering point 4. maybe this could answer your question?

    You can wear a continuous-blood-glucose monitor to measure glucose levels (which should be directly proportional to insulin if you are not diabetic?) and based on that track your fat oxidation. If you are at the baseline levels of blood glucose during an exercise it means that your body is oxidizing fat instead. However, they seem to be incredibly expensive, but Interesting article nonetheless.

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    tomasaiduk on · in reply to: Going into ketosis intermittently? #10261

    I know exactly what you mean by “overanalysing” and a day after writing the question I did not really expected an answer since I understood that I’m going too deep into small details.

    Regarding 20g, I am at the moment eating less than that and my endurance performance did not drop when I was consuming carbs, I can actually go for longer and food cravings disappeared. The reason why I was asking this question was essentially “How to get the benefits of keto (i.e. maximum fat adaptation) without doing a ketogenic diet”. As it was mentioned in a couple of posts here, the diet is too strict for most people to adhere too and even the biggest diet advocates that are into endurance sports seem to drop the diet after a while, despite it producing excellent results. I guess not being able to eat a cookie that your daughter made requires a person to re-evaluate his priorities in life.

    However, I would not say that a ketogenic diet is “squeezing the last few percent”, in my head at least it can be a game changer in performance since people claim that they become “bonk-proof”, which is what TFNA is striving for, right?

    Anyway, I am just exploring eating strategies that would enable me to be bonk-proof and be able to go for long durations without any food.

    tomasaiduk on · in reply to: TFNA for trail marathons #9162

    Looking forward to the book, thanks Scott.

    tomasaiduk on · in reply to: Combining runs #7867


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