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    surly on · in reply to: Cycling Trainers #3924

    I’ve used a Wahoo Kickr and Zwift which is fairly entertaining, at least compared to staring at drywall. It worked to burn fat, drop weight and give me some increase aerobic capacity but, as Scott mentions, was not the ideal use of my training time.
    Since starting “The Plan” I’ve switched to a treadmill and wood pellets in my rucksack.

    surly on · in reply to: What counts as Zone 1 training? #3681

    Are ya’ll mapping your zones from the book, Training Peaks defaults or something else?

    The ones I am used to are on Strava, the Training Peaks are more granular and the book is yet another. I really need to simplify and hearing from folks who have progressed in these plans would help as I have just started (and yet to reconcile the difference between MAF calculation and AeT test results but that’s a secondary issue)


    surly on · in reply to: Guidelines for low-impact activities #3376

    I had a similar experience last year.
    After recovering from plantar plate tear and surgery, biking was the first cardio i could manage. Spending 30-60 minutes every morning before breakfast really got my cardio vascular system in better shape as well as burned off a bunch of fat I had accumulated. I felt strong at 14k (as high as I went last year) but the way down hurt more than it should have. This year more running is in the plan and I’ll use the cycling just for some base conditioning and fat burning. Burning that extra 300-500 calories before breakfast worked well for me last year.
    FWIW I am starting the 26 week plan in December.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)