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    Thank you for that straight-to-the-point response; that is a huge confidence boost! Great, I honestly was hoping to stick with my original date for the climb.

    Can I ask as well about the benefit of “acclimatization hikes”, and are they worth it in this situation? I have read from many trip reports up Chimborazo that they do acclimatization hikes/climbs up one or several of the 5000m peaks nearby to help acclimatize for the 6268m summit of Chimbo. It seems that people do this one or two days before their attempt. However, that sounds like you’re also going to tire yourself out significantly before the goal climb – is it a good idea to do something like that in the 5 days before my attempt? I’ll have been in Quito (2700m) for a whole week prior to the attempt so it’s not like I’m coming from sea level.

    Thanks so much for your advice, @Scott!


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)