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    RE Thread:

    Do you have any tips/tricks/advice on how to get more vertical in a city that doesn’t have buildings taller than 4 stories generally (Boston) and without using a stairmaster or 300,000 step ups?

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    Hi Jimmy,

    Awesome to hear I’m not alone in the planned suffering that is training life. I’ve owned the ebook copy of TftNA for 2 yrs now and I’m on my second read through now (never had the training logbook). I think ramping up to the specificity part of the training has been the most interesting for me since I’ve pretty much had an OK base as a long time runner (mostly half marathons) as well as non-gym climbing in multiple disciplines (but not competitively) off/on for the last decade, so the first 8-16 weeks seemed pretty typical fitness-wise. Having this particular structured plan that targets the specificity portion of training is new to my past sport and fitness experiences. For me, the novel parts being strength in power as applicable to hauling heavy backpack loads plus heavy sled loads on multiple carry days. Taking a step back, I can see that no week is the same as the previous or proceeding, which my guess is in effort to mitigate plateauing and injuries as well as providing the body time to ‘get stronger’ slowly and cumulatively. Additionally, coming from an academically science-oriented background, I’m interested to see what the correlation is between the actual fitness and expedition results from these ‘time-limited’ training plans (as opposed to being a professional Athlete*cough*dirtbag who can train all the time) I’m also curious to learn more about other individuals who have been doing similarly time-limited plans over extended periods of time (with relation to how closely they followed the plan to the actual) to see true relationship in terms of reaching their expedition goals (ie the effect of training over time vs. goal achievement), follow up posts to come when I’ve got my data sorted out.


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    Thanks for the feedback! You’re absolutely on the ball with your deduction, the hill takes about 1min sprinting up, and then I walk down 2-3min with another minute of resting. I don’t have any hills or embankments that are steep enough to go for 8-10 seconds, are stadium stairs sufficient?

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