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    MMK on · in reply to: Adjusting hill sprints on a treadmill #38702

    Thanks all for the suggestions.

    The speed that I usually use is 240% of anaerobic threshold speed.

    I did my AnT test on flat ground, so not really sure what the equivalent would be at 15% incline. On flat ground it was ~6:25 pace.

    I can’t tell if mine has a speed limiter or not, but it didn’t feel like I was sprinting, nor generating all that much power—despite pretty high speeds.

    I’ll give it another shot, however, I’m wondering, if it doesn’t work super well for me, would it be better to just go back to doing the Functional Runner strength routine instead of this? If the idea is strength training, will it matter all that much which one I do?

    MMK on · in reply to: 2 AeT tests—no clear result #36869

    Thanks for your help, Scott! 160 does feel slightly harder (and faster) than I’m used to running on easy days, but also not unmanageable by any means. It’s still pretty easy to sink into a groove and let the miles click by without thinking too much.

    Looking into a lab test around Chicago, but it’ll depend on how much they cost…

    MMK on · in reply to: 2 AeT tests—no clear result #36859

    Ok, so I’ve retested with a chest strap and found very similar results as I saw in the last two tests with just the wrist watch, I.e minimal to no heart rate drift at a fairly high heart rate.

    Here’s a link to the test > The warm up (~10-15 minutes) is not part of that activity.

    For reference:
    Avg pace: 8:00/mile
    Avg hr: 160
    Pa:Hr: -.59%

    Could my AeT heart rate really be substantially higher than that?

    MMK on · in reply to: Help with heart rate drift test #35438

    -Slope — not sure how this would effect anything, if I’m on the treadmill it’s at max 1%
    -room temperature — yes probably, it’s definitely hotter than running outside in Chicago right now
    -allergy — no

    I’ll try the test this week and report back!

    Thanks for the suggestions

    MMK on · in reply to: Help with heart rate drift test #35379

    Thanks! I’ll go ahead and give it a shot. 165 is much higher than what I usually run for the majority of my miles, but I guess it’s possible for it to be around my AeT.

    My only hesitation with the treadmill is that for some reason I’m usually much less efficient on it (higher heart rate, lower pace) but for the purposes of this test, perhaps that won’t matter too much.

    MMK on · in reply to: Help with heart rate drift test #35316

    At the risk of annoyance, a last request for some interpretive help, along with a final data point.

    9.6 mile run with the following averages:

    First half (minus warmup): HR 160, pace 8:31
    Second half: HR 159, pace 8:41
    Total Pa:Hr = 1.23%

    Any help interpreting all these results would be much appreciated, as I feel a little lost.

    MMK on · in reply to: Help with heart rate drift test #34841

    Giving this a light boost, for I fear it may have gotten lost amidst all the other requests for help interpreting the test.

    I also have a little more data: during an hour long run today (minus ~ 2mile warmup), I averaged ~8:21/mi pace and a flat 155 heart rate all the way through.

    Any and all suggestions are welcome!

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    MMK on · in reply to: Heart rate drift confusion #31915

    Thanks, that’s very informative. I haven’t managed to get out and do an AeT test yet, but it seems that, like many, I have severe ADS——or perhaps have just done a poor job estimating my AeT. I try to train at a lower heart rate (less than 150) based on the MAF method, and often than means running 10min miles for Z1 or Z2 (which is a *big* gap between there and the 6:52min pace during the half). Either I have a long way to go in boosting that AeT speed, or need to determine if my AeT heart rate is actually substantially higher than that.

    Thanks too for the incredible amount of support and time you all put into this.

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