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    LindsayTroy on · in reply to: Regressing in aerobic conditioning? #51122

    I have to ask… overtraining? what kinds of loads were you hitting?

    LindsayTroy on · in reply to: Iron Infusions #50974

    One other question, have you been tested for celiac disease (true gluten intolerance) or other GI blood loss? I consulted a hospitalist friend who said that Celiac the most common missed cause of iron deficiency anemia. So that would be worth checking out.

    LindsayTroy on · in reply to: Iron Infusions #50962

    Have you ever asked your PCP for a referral to a specialist? Without more details, my generic advise would be to look a hematologist or a gastroententerologist to do a work up.

    LindsayTroy on · in reply to: Uphill Water Carry #50796

    In case you don’t have the books, this is a condensed version of what they say about the Max Strength period:

    “Minute for minute, these are among the most important workouts of the year because they give you a boost in strength that pays off in many ways.”

    “As a quick reminder: This is the stage where we increase the available pool of muscle fibers for the brain to choose from. Increasing Max Strength lays the groundwork for the conversion to Muscular Endurance. Following these prescriptions will produce large gains in strength, with no gains in body weight (often you will lose weight due to the resulting boost to your metabolism).”

    Excerpt From: Steve House and Scott Johnston. “Training for the New Alpinism: A Manual for the Climber as Athlete.” Apple Books.

    And here is a link where you can find more about the exercises used in the Max Strength workouts:

    I think Rachel is right, in the 8 week plan since there isn’t a lot of time, the goal is to build on what you already have. Whereas in an ideal world, you would first do an 8 week Max Strength period to build up the pool of available muscles

    LindsayTroy on · in reply to: Calf Pain – Persistent. Solutions? #50768

    AshRick- I also have this. If I flex my calves I can make them cramp without having exercised in weeks. I’ve found that dry needling is the only thing that releases it but it always comes back.

    My PT told me that everyone holds “tension” somewhere, some people its shoulders and back and others its legs (I forget the exact word he used).

    LindsayTroy on · in reply to: Uphill Water Carry #50767

    Hi Andrey,

    I have some questions for you:

    What is your AeT and AnT? Have you done a base Max Strength period? and what is your training history and volume?

    You will want to keep your heart rate in Zone 2, and so what this may indicate is that you need more base volume before you are ready to do uphill carries.


    Not a coach, but what about single leg jump squats?

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    LindsayTroy on · in reply to: Fitting month-long backpacking trips into the year? #50723

    Based on the timing it looks like you’ll just have to work around them. The backpacking will count as aerobic volume and will likely comprise all of your volume during these months otherwise you’ll be at risk of overtraining.

    If you don’t have ADS, this high volume in zone 1 (I presume based on your description) is what you want. And if you do have ADS, you’ll likely want to spend the time between August and March improving that with Z2 work since I doubt you can adjust the pace of these hikes too too much.

    I think it would be ideal to build up so you can tolerate these loads and also do a “gym” workout 1-2 times per week to maintain upper body fitness and they make all sorts of cool travel hangboards and ring set ups that potentially you could cary with you to maintain or improve that fitness. But being aware not to overtrain will be important if you’re doing 6hrs/day of hiking.

    With these long alpine climbs, is there an area that you need the most improvement in? If its on the approaches these backpacking trips could be really good, but somehow I doubt thats the case!

    LindsayTroy on · in reply to: Missed Time and Vertical Goal for Base Week 1 #50702

    Dang! What does your plan peak at?

    LindsayTroy on · in reply to: Fitting month-long backpacking trips into the year? #50701

    When do these trips occur? a 2 month backpacking trip in January will be different than 2 months right in the middle of summer climbing season.

    LindsayTroy on · in reply to: Upper body strength #50471

    I find (for me personally) that I gain upper body strength so slowly and lose it so rapidly. The strongest I have ever been in my upper body was when I was practicing ashtanga yoga every single day. But really ashtanga yoga is just a lot of “super push ups” each morning when I wake up, but more fun.

    I’ve also found that weight-based training works better for me than bodyweight, probably because I’m too weak to do full bodyweight much of the time. So bench pressing I progress faster than push ups if I’m only doing 2x per week.

    This is anecdotal not science.

    LindsayTroy on · in reply to: Equipment Needed???? #50353

    Which strength program are you thinking? The Chamonix mountain fit states that for the first 3 levels you don’t need any equipment.

    If you are thinking the max strength like in the books, this is what you’re looking for:

    A barbell with weight plates is really all you need. You’ll want enough weight for squatting (probably your heaviest lift) everything else can be done with the plates if you don’t have dumbbells.

    LindsayTroy on · in reply to: The training plan refer to a book that I don’t have #50274

    This has been a topic of discussion here: but the summary is you unfortunately have to do laps.

    LindsayTroy on · in reply to: Steep trail issue #50269

    30 min/mile seems like you have plenty of room to speed up without jogging. I think studies have shown that slower than 13 min/mile is more efficient to walk than jog. With poles I bet you could get to 15 min/mile or at least sub 20min while still walking.

    Scott (@sws) can jump in here, but my thought would be to drop weight until you can maintain a pace of <=20 min/mile on the hill that you have (18% grade) as (from these posts only) it seems like you are good at carrying weight uphill slowly but maybe less good at being speedy. I too am in this boat, I can carry what feels like an infinite amount of weight slowly but when I drop weight I still move at that slow pace (25-30 min/mile on a 20% grade). So speaking from personal experience, I have been working on improving speed.

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    LindsayTroy on · in reply to: Scheduling the Alpine Combine Test during training #50192

    I’ve always done it all at once, 1000ft vert first and gym stuff second. I think the most important part is that you can compare between tests, so if you split it into 2 days the first time, you should always split it up and vice versa.

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