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    LindsayTroy on · in reply to: How to "count" weight carried #33724

    Thanks all! Currently it feels WAY harder. Im an east coaster transplanted to Utah and im just learing to ski powder so the exerted effort feels like a lot but because Im mostly skiing at 8,000-10,000 feet my HR stays relatively low for my percieved effort.

    LindsayTroy on · in reply to: Aerobic/Anaerobic testing #23367

    Hey! Thanks for clarifying all of that!! Its really helpful!

    As for the winds, I’m not sure, I live in Salt Lake so just driving from here. I would guess if you’re going for cost effective, flying to salt lake isn’t too far but I would imagine there are small, regional airports in Wyoming that might be closer? Sorry I’m not more helpful, let me know if I can be of more help!

    LindsayTroy on · in reply to: Aerobic/Anaerobic testing #22919

    Ok so I have a follow up to my follow up question. I plugged my AeT and AnT into my garmin HR zones and I get the following, does this make sense?

    Zone 1: 113-155 BPM, 55%-75%
    Zone 2: 156-168 BPM, 75%-81%
    Zone 3: 169-194 BPM, 81%-93%
    Zone 4: 195-196 BPM, 93%-95%
    Zone 5: 197-207 BPM, 95%-100%

    Is it normal to have such a big Zone 3?

    When I was doing the AnT I did feel like I had another gear to shift into, but I could maybe have done it for 5 minutes not for the full 30 minutes.

    LindsayTroy on · in reply to: Aerobic/Anaerobic testing #22905

    Thanks! I ended up doing AeT then eating dinner, waiting 2 hours then doing AnT and now I have a followup question.

    My aerobic threshold is 166 BPM and my anaerobic threshold is 194 BPM (my max HR is 207). So if I understand this correctly, I need to up my zone 2 training, what % of time should I move from Z1 to Z2? Should I do my long Z1 and the rest of the Z1 volume as Z2 or something else?

    In case it changes your recommendation, I’ve done 2 training cycles of TFNA and am generally healthy but last year I got two stress fractures right at the peak of my last training cycle (it took ~6 months to get properly diagnosed, which meant ~10 months of reduced activity so training suffered). Currently, I don’t have a goal climb, after the injury (plus a cross country move) I’m pretty out of shape (compared to me this time last year) so my goal is to feel more like myself fitness wise and be able to do bigger and bigger alpine-esque weekend trips (wind river/tetons/wasatch/sierra).


    LindsayTroy on · in reply to: Combining runs #7938

    I read somewhere, maybe it was Outside magazine or something similar, that it is better to have 5 aerobic workouts a week than 2 or 3 longer, because the body reacts better or something like that.

    Better how? Depending on your goal better could mean lots of things, I’d be interested in what they were referring to as “better”

    LindsayTroy on · in reply to: GPS watch #7449

    Thanks everyone! The forerunner is winning so far, I think.

    Adam, the AAC makes it so I’m only really looking at Garmin/Suunto, I hadn’t even checked Polar (or anywhere else).

    LindsayTroy on · in reply to: Vertical climber machine #6664

    Thanks, I’d say I get 99% of all Z1-2 workouts outside. I’d rather run in the rain/cold than on the treadmill. But when doing ME workouts, I tend to get stuck with one inside per week (There aren’t really any big hills in Baltimore, so I’m stuck doing one night on the stairmaster and heading out to the mountains for the weekends.

    Would you think it would be more effective to just ARC with a pack or to use one of these vertical climbers if trying to do an ME workout. (my goal is longer alpine rock routes so trying to speed up my climbing more than my hiking fitness)

    LindsayTroy on · in reply to: First aid kits? #4665

    Steve- I meant that you shouldn’t be able to walk into a doctors office and get opoiods. I fully understand the need to take them when awaiting rescue for a serious injury.

    RPM- Thank you! I added benadryl because I had a weird allergic reaction this past weekend hiking with no reasonable possible exposure? It raised some alarm bells. I will consider a shovel and review first aid/WFR.

    Steri strips + neosporin will make the cut.

    Hopefully I’ll have no need to use any of this!

    LindsayTroy on · in reply to: First aid kits? #4645

    Thanks Steve!

    To get your hands on a strong pain killer do you just go to the doctor and tell them you’re climbing a mountain and ask what they’ll give you? This is very concerning as someone who works in public health (re: opioid epidemic).

    LindsayTroy on · in reply to: Box Jumps in Alpine Combine Test #4254

    Can I jump on this question and ask what height the box jumps are supposed to be? I’ve been using a 24″ box but its measuring different things for me to be jumping 24″ at 5’6″ vs my husband who is 6′.

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    LindsayTroy on · in reply to: Heart rate Zones and cold weather #4037

    Hey Scott,

    Your link is missing πŸ™


    LindsayTroy on · in reply to: Heart rate Zones and cold weather #4012

    Hey everyone,

    Thanks for the input! Scott S- I’ve been putting a buff over my face and that actually helps a lot, so I think that it might have been the cold air/lungs problem because I haven’t been having it in a while.

    Also, east coast winter has been really mild so that helps too.

    Thanks everyone!

    LindsayTroy on · in reply to: Heart rate Zones and cold weather #3837

    Hmm thats really interesting. I told my doctor about it a few years ago, because I would notice that I would walk from a warm house outside and start coughing. They told me it was normal. Maybe its time for a new doctor…

    LindsayTroy on · in reply to: Heart rate Zones and cold weather #3835

    Interesting! So maybe it is just me being cold, I definitely do notice this. I live near the coast and we get crazy wind even when its cold, so I’ll be running down a N/S street and when I get to an E/W cross street the wind will whip through and my HR will go up even if I’m standing still, so that makes sense in terms of shivering. But more what I was thinking of, for example I set out for a run last Monday where it was close to -5C and I basically could only power walk without my HRM beeping at me that I was getting out of Zone 2. And I never really felt cold.

    I do notice that when I run in the cold my lungs really hurt, could it be that the cold weather is affecting my breathing? I know that breathing can affect HR…

    So I guess the question is, should I go by “conversation pace” or HR zones when this is happening?

    LindsayTroy on · in reply to: Overtraining is in sight….what to do now? #3731

    What does “feeling flat” mean. Does that mean “meh, I don’t really wanna go to the gym I’d rather curl up under the blankets and read a book” or does it mean that you feel wrecked. Like you feel like you’re starting to get sick or sore or like you couldn’t do the work out if you wanted to.

    I know when I first started it was hard to get used to getting home from work and turning around out the door every night even when I felt like chilling and reading a book. And it was hard again when I started doing morning runs (lol its still hard). But that is different than feeling like you’re starting to get sick or over worked. One is motivation and one is over training.

    Also, you’re supposed to start at 50% of last year, I wouldn’t count lunch time “strolls” as a workout, so I would assume you were at 3-5 hours per week assuming you were running or climbing 3-4 days per week (Because if you think about it, 2 hours at the climbing gym is probably only 30-45 min of actual on the wall climbing). So maybe you should be starting at 2-2.5 hours per week? It seems like a very small amount of training but it basically grows exponentially and by the middle of the base period you’ll be doing huge volumes (comparatively).

    And finally, you say you eat healthy, that means a lot of things to different people. One thing that I find helpful is to track food using something like my fitness pal and after getting a baseline of what you eat normally, try tweaking things and keeping track of how I felt vs how much I ate. So get a baseline for 2 weeks and then try upping fat or upping protein or upping carbs. There is a lot of research on what the balance of macros should be for muscle building or fat adapting or recovering.

    Anyways, good luck, its more of an art than a science it seems. Its taken me until midway through my max strength period to feel like I really have a handle on everything. πŸ™‚

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