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    jobois on · in reply to: Big Week and Weight Gain #48686

    I do track my heart rate- going up it is around 130-145 and down much lower- the average for 5-6 hours is @115bpm. With about a 20lb pack on.

    I probably do not eat enough or drink enough during the hike but am super-mindful about refueling when I get down. That being said- probably run a bit on the dehydrated side, but do think I consume enough calories overall with a balance of fats, carbs, and protein.

    Tough saying about the clothes- I have been teaching remotely since Thanksgiving (Covid in school) and have been living in spandex to scoot out for walks and just plain more comfortable. But no, I wouldn’t say they fit incredibly different. I have not lost weight this fall but it has been stressful this year.

    With the exception of two pregnancies, my body composition has pretty much stayed the same since I was in my 20’s. However, I have noticed the fitter I am, I am on the higher side of my weight range throughout the years.

    Thanks for all your thoughts and advice.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)