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    dtower67 on · in reply to: ADS and race planning #27824

    Interesting thoughts Brian, thanks for this- saw it right before the race. I ironically sprained my ankle 2 weeks prior and wore a neoprene brace. Makes sense to recover on the downhills, and typically that hr zone map is how I’d do a really long training hike/run. I decided to just go for it, however, and ignore HR completely (kept an eye on average pace targeting sub 7hr). Really enjoyed the first half, particularly opening it up along Headwaters ridge and the decent which I had looked forward to running. I should have descended slower and that bit me in the ass. I hit a wall between miles 8 and 9 at 2.5hrs in (and average hr of 168bpm looking at the data). Suffered through the next couple miles up to Lone Peak, took the descent in a fast walk rather than run, recovered and eventually finished feeling much stronger in 6:41. If I had done the first major descent slower my guess is I would have finished in a similar time and not felt as shitty for an hour. Who knows if the altitude played a bigger factor as well (no recent experience at altitude).

    How did it go for you??

    dtower67 on · in reply to: ADS and race planning #25387

    Thank you, I really appreciate your feedback! Very helpful.

    dtower67 on · in reply to: High than expected sustained HR #24820

    Like Joel, I’m also 36 years old, similar issues with limited training in the past year. During the Loon Mountain Race (hill climb) this past weekend (3000ft, 6.6mi, 90min for me), I was shocked and scared by both a new max HR of 203 hit at the very end (previous 194 while running a couple of years ago) and average HR of 183bpm! Trainingpeaks now thinks my threshold is 184 which seems crazy (I thought it was around 170). Both seem just crazy and dangerous considering my age!

    Now the big difference in my case is the anxiety before the race had my HR between 111 and 124 (resting for me is 55-70). Physiologically, could having such a high baseline before exercise bump up my HR for the whole race without having the true effect on my body? I was expecting to be sore if not the day after, definitely two days later with DOMS, but still have no soreness at all. I wore a Garmin chest strap that has been mostly reliable for me in the past. Is there something I should be concerned about here?
    Thank you!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)