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    biabo on · in reply to: Training to Lose Weight #40165

    Great to see this topic. I am interested in learning more about nutrition and came across this today, just after coming across the Fasted training article yesterday.

    Since I was a teenager (I am 45 now), I have always been above my ideal weight, but feel healthy where I am at the moment. Those extra kilos do interfere with my climbing performance though, and it can’t be frustrating. I do have a very slow metabolism and I don’t need a lot of food to keep me going (which can be really good when on a mountaineering trip, but really frustrating on a daily basis, as I have to watch everything I eat).

    What made me want to write this reply was the comment Allison made about doing Fasted Training. I had just read the article yesterday and assumed that this might be what I’ve been doing wrong, but her comment about not wanting her body to think it is starving and holding on to fat does ring a bell. Now I am confused as to if I should give fasted training a go, or should I not?

    Any ideas?


    biabo on · in reply to: AeT HR Drift Test without a treadmill, any other suggestions? #40141

    Thanks Mirko.

    I don’t think 5.84% is way above the 5%, but how much is way above? Saw people talking 12, 13, 20%? I’m assuming anything above 5%, I need to do it again? So is walking ok?

    Also, apologies for my maths, for the example above I meant 140 max zone 2 and 126 for zone 1.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)