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    It has been asked many times but I still have a problem with aerobic hour programming for the transition period.

    I understand to use aerobic exercise only (not the 2 strength days). Let’s say I aim for 120 minutes aerobic weekly to start. If I use 25% for the “long” Zone 1, that would be 30 minutes. 90 minutes left. One Zone 2 day at 10%, so 12 minutes. 78 minutes left. If I want to have one rest day, I only have 2 days left for 78 minutes. You see where I am going with this? So I would do another Zone 1 for let’s say 15 minutes and then a recovery day of 63 minutes walking below AeT?

    Long story short, the 25% long !! Zone 1 does not make sense to me.

    Any help appreciated!

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    Scott Semple on #22529

    Not every day has to target a unique intensity. You can combine them. Also, with less than three hours per week, I think you can have more than one day at 30′.

    You could try something like this:

    1: Strength
    2: 30′ including: 10′ Z1, 12′ Z2, 8′ Z1
    3: 30′ Z1
    4: Strength
    5: 40′ Z1
    6: 20′ Z1
    7: Rest

    What you proposed (with some walking) could also work.

    NotOnEiger on #22534

    Thanks Scott, that makes sense.

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