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    I just signed up for the free 14day trail of premium and no were does it say Pa:Hr…..


    Also for the drift test the average is just the high average heart rate of the 2nd half divided by the lower 1st half correct?

    I’m throughly confused on all this finding your AeT. Drift test vs nose breathing. Im a complete newbie and need help.

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    Shashi on #44584

    juskojj – have you gone through the Heart Rate Drift Test article on UA? It explains how to administer the test (outdoor/indoors), drift calculation and what you should use as your AeT.

    In your case, your drift (144/137) is around 5.1%. If you want to set AeT based on this test, then your initial HR ~135 would be your AeT.

    In terms of timeline to cure ADS (get AeT within 10% of AnT) the forum topic below might provide some insight.

    Fixing Aerobic Deficiency general timeline? tips?

    juskojj on #44600

    I did but my numbers were different than what they got on examples so I was confused.

    Thanks for the link. I still need to do the AnT test and it sounds like I have a long way to go with putting in 5 to 6 hrs a week training but I ahve been doing it fasted, basically shortly after I wake up with no breakfast

    Scott Semple on #44622

    144 / 137 is just a touch over 5%, and HR is not a precise metric. Use 135 as your AeT HR (ceiling for Zone 2), and you should be all set.

    The 10% difference refers to the relationship between AeT HR and anaerobic threshold heart rate (AnT HR). AnT is harder than AeT.

    Read this.

    juskojj on #44740

    When should I do the AnT test?

    Shashi on #44743

    You can do it at the beginning of your training cycle, so that you know where you stand in terms of your AeT and Ant.

    In terms of when during the week –
    “You should perform it at least three days after any hard efforts.”


    Scott Semple on #44960

    What Shashi said!

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