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    Brandon Phillips

    Hey everyone, I’m wondering about foods that people are eating during long runs? This is my first venture into ultrarunning- I’m doing Luke’s 50k plan for a R2R Grand Canyon run this fall. However, I come from a long background of 15+ years climbing, biking, backpacking. I feel pretty good about my nutrition strategies for something like a 20 pitch alpine climb, but have never done a long run before. I am also very well versed in bars, gels, and drink mixes.

    So, What solid foods have worked for ya’ll during longer running events/ unsupported races?

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    Shashi on #53206

    Others will probably chime in with their experience. You might find this discussion helpful –

    MUT Nutrition

    Rachel on #53209

    Lemonade at phantom ranch, salted baby potatoes, applesauce pouches, peanut butter on rice cakes, nuts, cheese.

    rita on #53213

    Potato hashbrown, waffles/pancakes, avocado sushi, pb&j on toast, baby food fruit purees, fresh fruit (pineapple, watermelon, berries)

    TerryLui on #53536

    I am by no means an ultra runner but I distinctly recall watching Gary Robbins in the Barkley Marathons eating a full on burger (ketchup & mustard?? forget…)

    I thought it was hilarious, here’s the video, entertaining throughout (IMO)

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