Programming Gym Based Local Muscular Endurance

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    I serve in the military and will be attending a selection event that will require me to demonstrate a significant amount of lower and upper body muscular endurance. My goal is to maximize push ups and pull ups done constantly in a two minute period. Those two minute efforts will be the shortest events that I will need to train for. I will also be moving under load with anywhere between 35-50% of my body weight for up to 20 hours per day. On any given day I might be required to lift a 200 pound mannequin onto myself and move it over ground, but also carry water cans (about 40 lbs) or sandbags long distances.

    I cracked open special strength training by Verkhoshansky, and it seems that he lists a variety of different set/rep/rest interval schemes, based on sport, movement pattern, and muscle group trained. However, I did not notice any specific workouts describing pushup and pull up muscular endurance. He seemed to prescribe much different set/rep/rest schemes for similar goals (improving glycolitic capacity or power) based on sport or muscle group trained.

    Additionally, I did not find any specific workouts within TFTUA or TFTNA that seemed appropriate for my goals.

    1. I’d like to know if you all have a gym based set/rep scheme, similar to what is outlined in training for the uphill athlete (CH 8), for weighted push ups, pull ups, etc?

    2. Should I progress with weight, repetitions per set/duration of set, or number or sets when generally programming for muscular endurance?

    3. I understand that ME is relative based on the duration of the event and the amount of strength required to perform a movement, but are there any general guidelines/ratios that govern how long the ME training session should last compared to the event? What do you recommend when the athlete has no idea how long the event could last?

    I appreciate any insight you all may have to offer.

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