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    I’ve been dealing with some pain in my right leg for the past week or so. It started in the outside of my knee and was associated with an increase in the normal clicking/crunching I’ve had in my knees for as long as I can remember. There was no swelling or anything else abnormal and I was starting a recovery week so I just took my running volume way down and tried to see if it got better. I started thinking it might be IT band related and spent the last week really working on rolling out that leg and stretching/warming up well before runs. The pain went away in my knee but now it’s migrated to that hip. I feel it walking around (distinct/localized pain from my hip to the middle of my thigh right along the IT band) and it’s the worst when I do something like cross my leg. Is there anything I can do beyond taking it easy and rolling out the muscles around it? Any stretches that I can try or things I should avoid? I’m really hoping this isn’t something worse than IT band syndrome. I’m about 11 weeks out from my goal which is my first 50k and I want to avoid going in to it injured from ignoring something like this.


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    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #35614

    Good job on being so proactive with dealing with this injury. Lateral hip/knee pain is a neural pathway associated with a pinched nerve coming out of the spine so that needs to be considered. I see this with increasing running impact, travel, long seated work days… If its a local issue then controlling the forces across the lower extremity becomes important. Lateral and posterior hip strength movements with DL’s and other strength can be helpful, especially to the knee. I’m a big fan of rolling out the lateral and posterior glutes, hamstrings, quads. Using the end of a 45lb. bar is especially helpful to the hamstring and hip. I like to just prone roll on a foam roll for my quads.

    Dane on #35724

    I think I was a little too aggressive in my attempts at fixing it just with rolling because when I woke up yesterday I couldn’t walk without a limp. I took the day off work and forced myself to just rest and leave it alone and it’s feeling better today. It seems to be worst right where everything attaches at the greater trochanter (if I’m remembering my physiology correctly). I’m going to rest up another day and see if it feels OK after a day at work tomorrow and then try incorporating your suggestions.


    TerryLui on #36274

    Hey Pete,
    Do you have any resources on barbell rolling hamstrings and hips?

    I found this one on hamstrings –
    But not sure about the hip…?


    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #36278

    I usually lie on my stomach, have the bar 90* to my thigh/hamstring, then I reach back and roll the fat end of the bar up and down my hamstring. Works great!

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