Is it heart rate or average heart rate?

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    Hi, I have a question concerning how to measure and restrict(?) my HR during run workouts. I am new to running and realize that I have ADS. According to your new book on running I should stay in zone 1 and lower zone 2 during my long workouts. My question for which I can’t find answered in your book or on the web site is about the heart rate. Let’s say for example that my HR for the top of zone 1 is 130 (I am a bit older than most), should I have at the end of my run /walk an average HR of 130. Or during the workout when I hit 130 should I then reduce the effort back to say 115 and build back up to 130. Meaning the average HR would be in the low 120s. I have an Ambit 3 with chest strap and I am able to monitor both HR and Avg HR at the same time. I’m just not sure which I should use during the workout. Can you help?
    Thank you!

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