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    Dear uphill athletes

    I thought it might be a nice motivator for people to post what they are doing to train despite Covid19 situation, and sharing ways to stay finding positive despite not being able to hike/climb etc.

    Myself: I had a lousy prep this autumn and was struggling to recover from my bigger weekend mixed climbing trips. Therefore I have used this opportunity to start over. I have the 24 week plan and took week 4 (deload) and have now started over at week 5, but dropping one of the easyZ1 workouts in place of an indoor climbing hangboard and strength workout. (I am lucky that I live next to a small hill)

    Therefore the week is now
    off / str / z2 hills / hang / z1 flat run / str / long z1 hills

    My goals are:
    – to be as consistent as possible with training, sleep, nutrition
    – to gently rehab a pulley strain
    – to do a lot of stretching and prehab work in any extra spare time so as to be as strong and resilient once we can get outdoors again

    So: What are people doing to stay motivated? What are you working on?

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