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    Hi. I just finished my first race of the season and did a nice block of 10 weeks of ME progression, stopping 2 weeks prior to race. I have also purchased the Chamonix Fit program; which should I continue as i build towards my next race? A 50 miler with 11,800 if gain. Should I do both? or Just stick with one. For reference, I don’t have great leg strength, the Level 1 Chamonix is easy with very little DOMS; the ME Endurance caused a lot of DOMS from the start , did body weight for a few weeks.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Scott Semple on #53444

    How far away is your next race? If you have a long timeline, I would use the CHamFIt first, followed by the ME.

    ryanpaul on #53477

    Scott, the next race is in august, so say 12 weeks of work. Maybe 4 weeks of Chamonix (which will be 6 total) and 8 of ME?


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